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Author: iain Posted On: November 18th, 2012 In:Our Thoughts

When you think of a seed what do you see?
A small spec lost in the crowd,
tossed, trampled, sowed and ploughed.
Or can you see what we see?
The first steps in a great journey


You see a seed isn’t just a spot,
lost amongst all the the rest.
It has its own vision, a quest
to change nothing into a lot.


On the way it may be hard,
the dream in tatters, the map lost.
When you’re down to your final card ,
will the reward be worth the cost?
But as the roots work their way,
the future begins to grow.
And with every passing day,
quick begins to outpace slow.


Soon the leaves are fully formed,
branches sprouting left and right.
Standing tall above the swarms,
giving shade against the light.


A few more years along the line,
the road is paved for a legacy.
It’s seems impossible but over time
one seed really did make that tree.


Above all, remember this,
next time you see a seed.
Don’t see just it for what it is,
But see it for what it can be.